We begin in God’s Blessed Name. Peace and Blessings

“Autumn is the season for reading,” the Korean saying goes. This isn’t simply because it becomes gloriously sunny and cool, which is perfect weather to become engrossed in a book on a park bench, but because autumn is the season for harvest, when grain and fruit are aplenty to feast upon. As we feed our bodies with nature’s bounty, it is said that we should feed our minds as well to balance the yin and yang of body and soul. Here are several places where you can find “nourishment for the soul”. []

This is one of my favourite quotes to truly encompass what autumn means to me as my favourite season. The beauty for which the earth unveil to us. Delighting our eyes to the unwavering hues of red, yellow and orange. To take advantage of this, my sister and I went on a hiking trip on the hills in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. As much as I would like to describe the scenery, I believe that my description would do no justice to that which was seen. Instead, here are some photo’s we took during our trip. My sister, an aspiring filmmaker, complied all the footage of our trip and creating this beautiful montage.

IMG_04277 IMG_04444 IMG_04288 IMG_0433-edit IMG_0431-edit IMG_04144 IMG_03622

Being surrounded by such tranquility and grace begs one to question the maker of such beauty. ‘Surely’, I thought, ‘people cannot believe that this beauty that I see is made solely by coincidence.’ The more I travel, and the more sights I see, the more my beliefs in God are solidified. But, regardless of your beliefs, I’m sure that anyone who lays on this sight is sure to admire it for the beauty that it exudes.

So, Fall In Love.

A’yaan Nusaibah Ibraaheem 


3 thoughts on “Autumn.

  1. Your pictures are lovely! You make it so easy to feel the cool fall air and hear the crunch of the leaves.

    And, I appreciate how you find your time in nature to be a very spiritual experience. I’m an aspiring minister, but I also call myself agnostic. While the beauties of the natural world do not make me think there is a Higher Power, they help me to feel that the world is somehow Right, and they leave me in awe of this planet we call home.

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment Kristin. I’m grateful that my post has such an effect on you, as I had hoped! That is the true miracle of nature. It somehow enables one to delve inside oneself in search for answers, or just simply ponder the realities of this world. And in your case, leave us in awe of it. I truly appreciate you sharing with me the fact that your an aspiring minister. I respect your beliefs, and I pray that you become successful in your journey!

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