The Origin of Cappuccino’s: A Forgotten Muslim Legacy

I can safely say that we have all, at least one point in our life, indulged in a cappuccino. But, do any of us know where it came from? The following excerpt will answer this question.

Cappuccino coffee was inspired by Marco D’Aviano, a priest from the Capuchin monastic order, who was fighting against the Turks besieging Vienna in 1683. Following the retreat of the Turks, the Viennese made coffee from abandoned sacks of Turkish coffee. Finding it too strong for their taste, they mixed it with cream and honey. This made the colour of the coffee turn brown, resembling the colour of the Capuchin’s robes. Thus, the Viennese named it cappuccino in honor of Marco D’Aviano’s order.

[1001 Inventions: On the Coffee Trail. pg. 37]

A’yaan Nusaibah Ibraaheem





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